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Verizon iPhone Rumors…Again?!

In Uncategorized on October 10, 2010 at 4:43 am

Again, really just when we thought they were over. A new batch of Verizon iPhone rumors have begun after the Wall Street Journal released a post stating that Apple would soon be beginning mass production of CDMA Technology based iPhones. don’t get to excited Verizon customers The story begins to get a little speculative when it says it will be released in early 2011, Apple usually releases new iPhone at their annual WWDC Conference around June 7th every year. So, what would Apple do, release the iPhone 5 early, or a new version of the current iPhone 4. Now for the best part, my opinions on the story. I definitely believe Verizon will get the iPhone at some point in the future, I do not think it will be the beginning of 2011 I think the earliest it will be released is WWDC 2011.


Limera1n Released! Before Greenpois0n

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Geohot is back and has just released limera1n a new jailbreak for all 3rd and 4th gen apple devices. The jailbreak is currently windows only.


  • limera1n, 6 months in the making.
  • iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3G, iPad, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G
  • 4.0-4.1 and beyond+++
  • limera1n is unpatchable
  • untethered thanks to jailbreakme star comex
  • released today to get chronicdev to do the right thing
  • brought to you by geohot
  • Mac and Linux coming soon
  • limera1n is NOT a one click jailbreak!

UDPATE: Chronic Dev Team is now reporting that Geohot’s untether is incomplete and unstable.


Are you using Apple’s Ping

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Ping is Apple’s first earnest foray into the social network game. Introduced with iTunes 10, Ping lets users see the music their friends are buying from the iTunes Store, leave comments and point out what they like.

There are also several musicians participating. The more active among them post photos and videos, stories and so on. It’s a young network with lots of potential, but for now some folks are less than impressed. A recent update to iTunes put Ping in your music library (it used to be limited to the iTunes Store) and added a big ‘ol sidebar.

Our question to you is: Are you using it? I’ll admit that my interest has waned, and that’s because nearly all of the updates I see are of the “[Person X] is now following [Person Y]” variety, which isn’t very interesting. Perhaps if the artists I followed were a bit more active.

iPhone 3GS (Mid 2010) Full Review

In Uncategorized on September 22, 2010 at 11:48 pm

The iPhone 3GS was re-released in June of 2010 along side the iPhone 4. The were both announced at Apple Inc’s World Wide Developer Conference held every June. Now when I walked into my local Apple Store I knew I would be purchasing the iPhone 3GS, why you may ask. I thought that the iPhone 4 would be a little too much as too what I am looking for really all I use my iPhone for is running simple apps Ffacebook, Twitter, and the occasional MySpace) and text. I do not have many family members with iPhones let alone the iPhone 4 so I knew I would be paying for capabilites that would be of no logical use to me. Now to get started with this review. First up is call quality. I am not going to lie when I say I have not been completely impressed with the call quality over At&t’s network. I have dropped several phone calls, and have on some occasions been asked “Why did’nt you pick up the phone” and I was forced to say that it never rang. Now as to AT&T’s capped data plans, I have had no issues so do not let that affect your purchasing of the iPhone. As for the iPhone’s keyboard I can honestly say that I have never seen any better on a smartphone (well for a touch screen smartphone atleast).  I have found myself typing insanely fast and accurately, which brings me to the point the iPhone has an amazing autocorrect that will autocorrect as you type. The web speeds on the iPhone are incredibly fast whether on AT&T’s network or connected to your own work/personal wireless network.

Evernote iPhone App Review

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Evernote is a notes application for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The main things that will set this incredible application apart from the native notes app are that it allows voice notes that will store in the app itself as well as on an online server that you can simply access by logging on to your account at It also allows you to take notes by using images. Now that I have given you all the details on this incredible application you can try it for yourself. It is free in the Apple App Store and signing up for a free account on evernote.

Breaking: Disney Acquires Tapulous

In Uncategorized on July 1, 2010 at 6:57 pm

Tapulous has been acquired by Disney. The iPhone gaming startup with several hits on its hands was founded by Bart Decrem, who will join Disney as a VP. COO Andrew Lacy is also joining Disney as a VP. Disney is very interested in social and mobile gaming, having recently invested in Playdom’s $33 million round.

Tapulous is a hot iPhone gaming startup which has raised only $1.8 million from angel investors including Marc Benioff, Jeff Clavier, and Andy Bechtolsheim. Legendary Silicon Valley mentor and Stanford professor Rajeev Motwani, who passed away last year, was also an investor. Its flagship game, Tap Tap Revenge, has numerous versions which have been downloaded millions of times. The basic game, which lets players tap to the rhythm of songs with their fingers is free, but players must pay for new songs. Its latest game is Tap Tap Radiation for the iPad.

Tapulous’ music-oriented games appeal to a younger crowd in particular. The company puts out versions of Tap Tap Revenge featuring the songs of specific artists such as Justin Bieber Revenge, Lady Gaga Revenge, Nickelback Revenge, and Nine Inch Nails Revenge. Its other mobile music, Riddim Ribbon is also a hit.

iMovie for jailbroken iPhone 3Gs

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Well, I think we all knew this would happen ( including Steve Jobs CEO of Apple Inc). iMovie has been hack with some requirement changes in info.plist, including changing front facing camera to “false”, and minimum system requirement to 3.0.0. It is also supposedly said to work with the iPod Touch, so I guess you could put the video on your iPod Touch and edit, then export, but it really just doesn’t make sense for an iPod Touch.